It twas fourteen forty two
Oh what was I to do

The food had just arrived
Gotta eat if you wanna survive

A crisp, autumn, sunny day
God please help show me the way


There are cucumbers in my salad
I am now done with this ballad

Note: I ate half of them
ambos estando parado alto
ambos construyeron a durar
un para salvando
una para defendiendo
en rescate y en guerra
El Faro y La Torre

The Tower & The Lighthouse 
both standing tall
both built to endure
one for saving
one for defending
in rescue & in war
The Lighthouse & The Tower

La Torre
El Faro
Snap, Snap, Snap

Capture it, Save it,
Store it,  Hoard it,
Show it, Share it,

Snap, Snap, Snap
Walking down the street
Fumes from buses
Wafting up noses

Caminando abajo el calle
Buscando para el estacion
Me pregunto donde es la locacion

Walking down the street

Inhabiting the same space
We all play the great rat race

Everything comes to an end 
But we do our best to pretend

Do this and be happy
Achieve this and feel good

Saddness =>Happiness

An infinite array
That we all seem to obey
Porque se me aprovecha
Tu necesitas el dinero?

 No se y no esta justo
 Definimente no me gusto
Loud Americans sitting all around 
Seemingly oblivious to the surround

Sitting here drinking my beer 
Am I above or below with these words I bestow

Here in the corner not making a sound 
Yet internally many thoughts to abound 

These thoughts I do think 
Maybe its just time I get a new drink